About Barrier Spray Foam

Barrier Spray Foam is a family-owned company established in 2010 which provides state of the art insulation services to homeowners, builders, and commercial customers in the Northern Nova Scotia.  With the unstoppable rise in price of fossil fuels and electricity, newer and better technologies to reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning homes and businesses becomes more sought after.  With this in mind, our company has seized the opportunity of employing a cutting edge insulating method in service of a local market which until now has predominantly had to choose between the less effective fiberglass product and worse.  With a public increasingly informed and active on environmental protection, the significant benefits of reducing energy consumption can not be overstated.  Contracting our service in your construction or renovation project is potentially the biggest step the average Maritimer can take in helping to ensure a healthy environment for not only ourselves, but also generations to come. Choose Barrier Spray Foam . . . save more than money.

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